West Virgina's Sweetest Berry Winner 2018, 2019-Buckhannon, WV


Thank you friends for making 2020 a wonderful safe Strawberry season.

We had so many families come pick strawberries with us with our picking appointment's-something we have never done before but worked out better than we could of hoped.


It was definitely different because of COVID 19 concerns but the strawberries were delicious and we safely harvested 1000's of pounds for orders.

Currently we are

working towards

strawberries 2021-

we have

plants in the ground! 

Check back for updates on harvesting and you pick for May 2021. I have no ideas what 2021 will look like-only the Lord knows. But regardless we will have strawberries! 


I am leaving our announcements from 2020 below for anyone new to our farm. You can see what we have done in the past to help you become familiar with how we like to do things each May. Looking forward to having your family visit and make some lasting memories in May 2021! 





DIG and TAKE! No APPOINTMENT NEEDED but please keep your distance. A great way to get out of the house this weekend. If you are immune compromised please private message me and we can figure out a private arrival time for you.

Please visit us



Pick your own strawberries $3.75 a pound-must hunt for them

Mature strawberry plants $1-you dig up and take home for your own patch, container, or landscaping

Onions 4 for $1-you pull up

Black Raspberry plants $5

Strawberry Jam $6

Hello friends-we are starting to notice that the strawberries are not holding up as well. We picked a little last night and found some really good ones and also found some rotten ones. Usually when we see this its a sign that we are winding down.

WE have been picking for close to 4 weeks and that is really good season for us. We have been amazed to see how the Lord has provided for us over and over with the weather, with labor, with the guests who have taken great care of our property when they have visited, with amazing customers who ordered and then reordered. We still have folks on our waiting list that I wish we could pick for but hopefully next year we will be able to pick for everyone who wants our strawberries.

So with that said, we will be opening up our farm starting Saturday May 30 and Sunday May 31 for folks and families who want to still hunt for strawberries and for folks who want to dig up our plants. I cannot guarantee you will go home with buckets of strawberries but you will certainly leave with as many plants as you want. This is a great opportunity for folks who want to start growing their own strawberries at home because you can dig up mature strawberry plants from our field and enjoy strawberries next Spring.

We sell our plants for $1 a piece.

We will also let folks pull up the onions that the Born children planted in between our plants-4 for $1. They could be bigger if we had set them out in the summer but they do taste really good regardless.

I have a few black raspberry plants that we will be selling for $5 a piece.

And we will have jam for sale-$6 a jar.

May 26, 2020 we are noticing the strawberry plants are starting to come to an end. We have picking appointments finishing up Friday May 29.


We will begin our Hunt and Dig Saturday May 30, Sunday May 31 and June 1. This is a time you can still look for strawberries to pick but you can also begin to dig up our plants to take  home and create your own strawberry garden. 

Because of the Covid-19 virus we are having to close our open pick your own 2020 Season!

Private Household picking sessions are available to book on our website. 

All the below events are cancelled for 2020. 

Open Pick your Own 2020

Saturday May 9

9 am to 1 pm

Mother's Day-Sunday May 10

1-5 pm

Best Day Off School

Tuesday May 12

9 am to 1 pm

Preschool Play Date

Friday May 15

9 am to 11 am

Saturday May 16

9 am to 1 pm

Sunday May 17

1-5 pm



Hunt and Dig

Saturday May 23

9 am to 1 pm

Hunt and Dig

Sunday May 24

1 pm to 5 pm

Hunt and Dig

Monday May 25

9 am to Noon

I would invite you to visit our Facebook Page 


Like us and Follow our page. We try to share with you highlights of our planting and growing process and will give timely updates in the Spring of 2020.

You are always welcome to bring a snack or a meal and picnic on our grounds as part of your visit.


You are also welcome to hike up into our woods on our road-trail that we rightfully call the BUN Buster. 

This year we have chickens, ducks, and turkeys for your family to interact with on our farm. 

Please wear shoes that can get dirty or even muddy.

Yes you can pick strawberries in the rain-trust me your kids will never forget it. 

$3.75 a pound

You can use our picking pails while you are in the fields but please bring your own containers to take your berries home. You may even have a pail from last year lying around. Some of my favorite containers have been colanders and Tupperware containers with lids.  

We will have containers for sale for

$2 if you need them. 

Our season is short but our days are long! Don't let the season pass you by! There is nothing as delicious as a fresh picked strawberry.