Wednesday May 29, 2019

2019 Strawberry Season is Complete! Thank you so much for visiting our Farm this Spring. We loved our seeing our neighbors and fellow strawberry lovers during the weeks that our

strawberries were in.


If you missed us this year I would invite you to visit our Facebook Page 

Like us and Follow our page. We try to share with you highlights of our planting process and will give timely updates in the Spring of 2020 so you will know the best time to come pick with us. 

Also you are welcome to peruse this helpful website this summer

You might be surprised what you may find for your next picking adventure. 



You are always welcome to bring a snack or a meal and picnic on our grounds as part of your visit.


You are also welcome to hike up into our woods on our NEW road-trail that we rightfully call the BUN Buster. 

This year we have chickens, ducks, and turkeys for your family to interact with on our farm. 

Please wear shoes that can get dirty or even muddy. We had so much rain this winter that the grass didn't grow between the rows like it usually does. 

Yes you can pick strawberries in the rain-trust me your kids will never forget it. 

$3.75 a pound

No pesticides used this year!

You can use our picking pails while you are in the fields but please bring your own containers to take your berries home. You may even have a pail from last year lying around. Some of my favorite containers have been colanders and Tupperware containers with lids.  

We will have containers for sale for

$2 if you need them. 

Our season is short but our days are long! Don't let the season pass you by! There is nothing as delicious as a fresh picked strawberry.