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We make every effort to ensure each guest has a remarkable experience staying with us. We have several guest books that folks like to write about their stay. I am retiring four of the books this year (2020) and thought instead of putting them away in a drawer, I would share the words written on their pages. Enjoy reading some of the experiences others have had staying here at our country Bed and Breakfast!

We look forward to your family visiting us soon.

November 24, 2019-Loved the farm-Cellar House was very warm and cozy-looking forward to bringing the rest of my family. Great Breakfast!

-Palatine, Illinois

November 3, 2019-Enjoyed the uniqueness of the Cellar House and cozying up to the fireplace. Breakfast was amazing. Wish we lived closer so we could stay again.


October 4, 2019-We had a wonderful stay at the Farm House! Plenty of room to relax, converse and sip some wine. Breakfast was incredible! The delicious and healthy food kept us going all day. You were amazing as a host and what a spark plug you are!

-Charlotttesville, Virginia

September 28, 2019-We had a wonderful stay-thank you.

September 28, 2019-Perfect place to stop en route from Brooklyn to Kentucky to pick up a puppy. Incredible breakfast. Thank you for your hospitality!

-Brooklyn, New York

August 31, 2019-Thank you! Enjoyed the Cellar House experience.

-Baltimore, Maryland

August 31-September 2, 2019-Wonderful hospitality! Our children had so much fun with Sam, Matt, and Audree and can't wait to see them again!

August 22, 2019-Great place to end up when your lost in the dark on a motorcycle. Had a relaxing stay with Angela, John, and family. Let's not forget my new friends "Madame Turkables and Sir Thomas Turklesworth."

August 10, 2019-It was comfortable and we played in the woods all day long.

-Sidney, Ohio

August 3, 2019-Sorry we couldn't stay for breakfast.

-Columbus, Ohio


August 3, 2019-Thank you so much for having us-what a wonderful breakfast! Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality. The breakfast was divine. We really enjoyed our stay.


Biscoe, North Carolina

August 2, 2019-Thank you for a wonderful time.


August 1, 2019-Enjoyed our time in the farmhouse! Great place and wonderful people! Breakfast was great!

-Malvern, Arkansas

July 30, 2019-Great Place! Just what we needed to "recharge" after a day on the river. Breakfast was SUUUPER GOOD!

-Mebane, North Carolina


July 26, 2019-Thank you for your hospitality and accommodating us on such short notice. Breakfast was so yummy and the Cellar house was just what we needed to relax. Loved all the birds in the yard and hope to be back in the future. Best of luck planting your strawberries.

July 26, 2019-Angela and John what a joy to meet you both and experience your welcoming part of heaven in the beautiful country roads of West Virginia. Your hospitality is unsurpassing. The beds were extra comfy and the outstanding gourmet breakfast was the perfect send-off as my college roommate and I have to a visit another dear friend from our Purdue days in the mountains of North Carolina. God bless you and your family

-Schererville, Indiana

July 26, 2019-I had a fabulous sleep. And  I don't always, so it was a great blessing. Thank you for sharing your recipes-will try to replicate it. This was very nostalgic for me as I always wanted to grow up and live on my grandma's farm. You made us feel very welcome. Go Purdue!

-Hansville, Washington

July 25, 2019-Great place for a get away work retreat. Wonderful hospitality. Would definitely use again. Love the turkey!

-Charleston, WV

July 19-22, 2019-Thank you for your hospitality. We enjoyed exploring the amazing inspiring property and being one with nature. We slept better than we normally sleep. Farmhouse was very clean and comfy. Breakfast was delicious each day. We will be back!

July 5-7, 2019-This was an amazing trip. The farm was such a memorable and warm place to spend time with a loved one. The hospitality y'all displayed was something we will never forget-thank you. Thank you for the amazing breakfast as well as the warm welcome to your property. We both hope your family continues your hospitality forever more. Much love.


July 4, 2019-Your little farm and property is adorable. The fireworks were amazing too. Thanks for your hospitality.


July 3-4, 2019-We had a wonderful time. Our gracious hosts were very hospital and caring during our stay. The fireworks and tech talk was awesome!

July 3, 2019-Just what we needed. Beautiful place, wonderful family. A lot of memories in just one day.

-Huntsville, Alabama

June 30, 2019-Thank you Angela-what a beautiful place and family you have. It was a pleasure meeting you and staying here.

-New York

June 28, 2019-Great Stay-love it here in the country. It was awesome to hear the history of the the place.

-North Carolina

June 25, 2019-Thank you so much for everything! We really enjoyed our stay here and breakfast was delicious.

-Forest, Illinois

June 24, 2019-Born family-you are amazing! So welcoming and delightful, all of you. The cottage is lovely. The breakfast, Delicious! The shower-heavenly! Thank you so much for everything! If ever I find myself near I will definitely be back. I am so happy that your B and B dream came true.


June 20, 2019-Thank you for being so inviting and friendly. It was lovely staying here

June 19, 2019-We loved our stay! My son loved exploring and meeting the animals. we slept so well and loved breakfast. Thanks for your hospitality!

June 18, 2019-You have a beautiful place. Thanks for the great stay!

-Huntington, WV and Seattle, Washington


June 15, 2019-Amazing time at the farm. You guys have a beautiful family. for Sam: What is III, III, III times III, III, III = ?

(the answer is funny)

​June 14, 2019-Thanks for a lovely experience! Beautiful farm. We all enjoyed our evening relaxing!

-Cleveland, Ohio

June 13, 2019-We had a peaceful cozy evening. Cute place! Comfy bed! The privacy was nice. Wish we had the chance to chat.

-Johnson City, Tennessee

June 9, 2019-Really wonderful and unique house. This is the best B and B I have every been to. Thank you for the awesome breakfast and hospitality. I really wish to come back here for a longer stay with a lot more friends-during strawberry harvest time.

​June 8, 2019-Nice home, very neat. The breakfast was wonderful, and the hosts were very nice.

June 6, 2019-Comfy bed! Wonderful breakfast.

Peaceful area-hope to return.


June 2, 2019-We had a lovely time.  You have a beautiful property out here. Katie had fun playing with Audree.


May 27, 2019-We had a wonderful stay and it was an escape from the busy time. We enjoyed some mud and rain too.


May 12, 2019-What fun it is to be a part of the strawberry picking and most of all visiting family.



May 6, 2019-Such an amazing place to visit. Very peaceful and the strawberries were awesome. Angela and John are great hosts.

-North Carolina

May 7, 2019-Thank you! We had a lovely time-you have a beautiful place. Thank you!

May 5, 2019-What an incredible place! The family is lovely. The children are outgoing, warm and respectful. Our kids had a blast getting super muddy. There is so much for an outdoor kid to do. Hide and seek in the barn, baseball, basketball, swings, paths, puddles, turkeys, ducks and chickens! The the kids did not want to go home. And then the food! Breakfast suited for a king! Thank you so much for being an awesome host family and making us feel so warmly welcomed!


April 27, 2019-What a lovely place-we enjoyed our stay, your hospitality, and the wonderful breakfasts.

-Fountain, North Carolina

April 27, 2019-Angela is incredibly welcome and the farmhouse was absolutely perfect. Do not miss out on the breakfast! Thank you for your hospitality.

April 19, 2019-Beautiful farmhouse! Excellent breakfast better than any place we have every stayed.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

April 16, 2019-People grow up and leave wonderful places only to realize how much they need Go's surroundings! Happy! Peaceful and beautiful! Great rest and warm friendly host! Thank you.

-Tulsa, Oklahoma

April 14, 2019-Great overnight stay in the farm house. Thank you so much. Sorry to cut out early but anxious to get home!


April 9, 2019-Thank you for your hospitality. The bed was comfy, food excellent, and the owners very accommodating and extremely friendly. Made you feel right at home. Hope your have continued success with your strawberry fields.

-Levettown, Pennsylvania

April 6, 2019-This was a wonderful way to spend our last day/night of family vacation week. Love the house and area-we enjoyed exploring and getting to stretch our legs. Breakfast was amazing. Thank you for your hospitality.

-Cleveland, Ohio


March 30, 2019-Thank you for the nice stay! Warm friendly people and what a wonderful breakfast.

-Port Matilda, Pennsylvania

March 27, 2019-Dear John and Angela, We so enjoyed the short stop-over here. The Cellar House was cozy and quiet and breakfast was delicious! Thank  you for your warm hospitality-good luck with strawberry season!

-McLean, Virginia

March 25, 2019-Thank you all so much for everything! It was nice, quiet and relaxing. You all are a great family. Loved spending time with the kids. It was awesome-great breakfast too! God bless your family.

-Washington, Pennsylvania

March 24, 2019-My family and I came to visit my son from Ohio. I wanted us to have an experience away from everything to just relax. This is a great place for family to have time to bond without electronics. This felt like my grandmothers house. This is an awesome place to stay. Our family  will visit again. The owners were friendly, welcoming, and the food was what we enjoyed eating. Thank you for making us feel at home.


March 17 -21, 2019-Dear Born family-what a beautiful, quiet spot in God's creation to stop and rest for a few days with such precious and loving family. Through God's grace and mercy we came to know and love you like life long friends. Thanks for the hospitality and Christian love you showed us. The meals and lodging were outstanding.

-Portage, Michigan

March 16, 2019-"Almost Heaven, West Virginia" Thanks for a homey stay, wonderful breakfast, kind hospitality. We loved having the chickens and turkeys patrolling the farm. Lovely spot!

-Rochester, New York

March 16, 2019-Thank you for the comfy home and absolutely amazing breakfast. It was a nice respite on our trip east and so much better than a hotel.

St. Louis, Missouri and Elise Cavaliere, Italy

March 3, 2019-Absolutly lovely home, comfy bed, warm shower and the breakfast was fantastic. Fresh cooked and worth waking up for. Thank you for a wonderful visit and nice top over on our long journey.

-Fort Worth, Texas

February 10, 2019-We took a long hike up the logging road to the pipeline clearing. What a bun buster! After returning we warmed up next to the fire and enjoyed the simplicity the night had to offer. PS. Breakfast was amazing! We enjoyed our stay.

-Cleveland, Ohio

January 30, 2019-Thank you to the Born family. It was nice to have a place to call our own for the evening/night while in the area. Love the character of the farmhouse-beautiful!

-Romney, West Virginia

January 27, 2019-Beautiful-Will definitely be back-See you in May with the family. Breakfast was so amazing. Thank you.

December 24, 2018-Thank you for having our family for a visit to the farmhouse. The farm was wonderful and full of love and stories. Thank you for the wonderful breakfast, it was so amazing!  We will definitely be coming back. Our boys had a great time playing with the family.


November 30-December 2, 2018-Visited family in Clay and the farmhouse was our refuge. Our boys loved running with animals and we loved the food.

November 28-December 1, 2018-A great place to stay in December, I can't imagine in the summer. Thanks for your kindness.

-Jesup, Iowa

November 10, 2018-Had a wonderful stay and woke up the rooster crowing and turkey talking. All in all a wonderful stay and will be back in the near future!

Beverly, West Virginia

November 4, 2018-We had a wonderful stay. Thank you so much for your hospitality! May God continue to bless you and yours!

-Cygnet, Ohio

October 27, 2018-Great Bed-Fantastic Breakfast! Blessings!

-Cobden, Illinois

October 24-26, 2018-Thanks for everything. Nice place to stay! Enjoyed!

-Balesville, Indiana


October 16, 2018-Thank you for our stay. It was very nice.

-Tellico Plains, Tennessee

October 15, 2018-Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful memory of life so gentle and free. Its a dream! I hope I can come back some day. Its inspiring to see how you guys live. Just love it here.

October 15, 2018-Enjoyed the peace and quiet so much. Lovely space, and the breakfast were a wonderful way to start the morning

-Gate City, Virginia

October 6, 2018-Our first visit to West Virginia thanks for our memories here. Best part of our trip was breakfast.

Wonderful and thanks for the coffee.

Mishawaka, Indiana


October 1, 2018-Great over night. Comfy bed and

wonderful breakfast! Thanks!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

September 28-29, 2018-Loved learning more about the history of your farm this visit! Thank you for the great alternate directions with the high water and for the help with Air B and B's tech issues. Nice getaway for the weekend-comfy bed, delicious breakfast, and gracious hosts.

-Milton, West Virginia

September 28, 2018-Love!

Cincinnati, Ohio

September 24, 2018-Highly enjoyed my stay here!! Especially thankful for the texts I received the morning before my arrival. There had been rain throughout the area and Angela was helpful with road conditions after the interstate exit. Wonderful breakfast. Probably should've not eaten that much but oh well, its vacation.

Loved the homemade soaps and shampoo.

-Payne, Ohio

September 23, 2018-We had a great stay at Angela and John's place. Thank you for your welcoming house and delicious breakfast.


September 1, 2018-Thank you for a great stay. We definitely enjoyed our vacation/family reunion on Elk River and our stay at the farm. we love to be back one day!

-Atlanta, Georgia

August 31, 2018-Thoroughly enjoyed my stay here in the Cellar House. I slept so well and breakfast was delicious. So quiet and peaceful here. A nice get away for some fresh air and beautiful nature.

-Columbus, Ohio

August 23 and 24, 2018-I'll admit, we were a little leery about staying in the barn-but what a lovely surprise! It was clean, peaceful, and we go the best sleep we've had in a LONG time (minus the rooster). The second night we stayed in the Cellar house and we were also pleasantly surprised. The room was very cozy, private and it was a blessing to take a hot shower after a long day of rafting. Breakfast was delicious and we definitely enjoyed our stay. Angela and her family were so sweet and accommodating and we will remember this adventure for years to come.

-Cleveland, Ohio

August 18, 2018-Thank you!

Charleston, West Virginia


August 17, 2018-Thank you for helping me out with this stay. I wasn't sure what I was going to do and you really helped-Thank you. I was just at a clinic at an internship and was just passing through. I don't know what I would've done without your hospitality. God Bless!

-West Virginia

August 17, 2018-A wonderful stay and breakfast. Thank you for the hospitality.

-Brooklyn, New York

August 15, 2018-John, Angela, and the family are awesome! We had a great night's sleep. The breakfast was wonderful. We cannot wait to come again.

August 11, 2018-BelAir, Maryland

August 9, 2018-Loved our stay with your family and we will be back.

August 6, 2018-We loved staying here and so appreciated your hospitality and flexibility. The breakfast was delicious.

August 5, 2018-We are so happy we found your little B and B. Our kiddos had such a blast playing with Audree, Sam, and Matt and enjoying all the chickens, ducks, and abundant nature! Breakfast was delicious and those muffins-mmm! It was more awesome to find out we share a faith in Christ as well!! Looking forward to future visits!! Thanks for everything.

Newark, Delaware

August 4 -5, 2018-Perfect get away for me and my son to spend a weekend together to discuss becoming a man-from God's perspective!

-Ashland, Kentucky


August 2, 2018-Thank you for the hospitality. Looking forward to another stay. Breakfast was delicious too.

August 1, 2018-Thank you for allowing us to stay in your nice farm house. We loved our stay. We also loved the breakfast.


July 30, 2018-Thank you for everything. This IS like home away from home. We would love to come visit another day.

July 29, 2018-Thank you for your hospitality! I loved the peaceful setting and enjoyed watching your children interact with the

chickens, duck, and turkeys.

Aiken, South Carolina


July 28, 2018-All the way from South Louisiana. This place is super sweet we love it!


July 26-27-THANK YOU!!!

July 25-29, 2018-Such a wonderful experience meeting you and your lovely family. We wish you every success with  your farming venture-your farm to table breakfast were wonderful. Nothing like eggs fresh from the chicken (or duck). Thanks for everything.

-Deltaville, Virgina


July 21-22, 2018-Thank you for a lovely stay, breakfast, and hospitality. Great place

-Virginia and North Carolina


July 20, 2018-Nice quaint, quiet place. Thanks for the great directions. Breakfast was delicious. Loved the rooster crow and the frogs!

-Walker, Iowa

July 19-20, 2018-Thanks for the warm welcome, delicious breakfast, and overall wonderful stay.

-New York, New York

July 12-13, 2018-Thank you for the wonderful stay! After a full month on the road this was an excellent last stop. It's so peaceful here and I loved waking up here-not least of all thanks to a delicious breakfast. Hope I get a chance to stay here again in the Fall or Winter.

-Washington, DC

July 9-10, 2018-Thank you for such a wonderful stay! John gave us a full tour when we arrived and made sure we had everything we could possibly need. He made us a great campfire in the field behind the Cellar House. John may be a Purdue grad but we will not hold it against him. Breakfast was delicious, thanks Angela, as everybody has previously mentioned. The star of the meal was the blueberry muffins. Glad we could help out around the farm by catching the raccoon. Hope to return again.

-Indianapolis, IN

July 6-8, 2018-Thank you the pleasant and relaxing weekend! You have a lovely home and family. We hope to return someday.


July 1, 2018-Fabulous breakfast. I cannot believe we left almost nothing behind! Thanks for brief but beautiful glimpse of your lives here. Apart from the great hospitality, charming "houses", and memorable breakfast, I'll never forget Matt's attempts at wrestling the chickens to the ground. We wish you the very best.

July 1, 2018-Very glad we didn't use a hotel and stayed here. Spent the evening catching lightening bugs. Over night on our way to Kentucky from Pennsylvania. Our young children loved playing here with

Angela's kids.


June 29-30, 2018-Very pleasant place to stay!

Hope we can return some day!

-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

June 29-30, 2018-Just what I needed! Thank you for the beautiful, quiet space. Looking forward to my stay on my way back from FGC in Toledo.

June 21, 2018-Came for a concert. Missed the concert. Found Heaven in a strawberry farm instead. Thank you John and Angela for being such kind and generous hosts!

-Cleveland, Ohio


June 20, 2018-Traveling through this area to a wedding in Illinois, I wanted to give our children a sense of adventure on our trip and stay the night in a different kind of place than a regular hotel. Your farm and Cellar House was just what I was looking for! Fun for the kids, great breakfast, loved the fireflies in the moonlight and hearing a tree fall in the woods! We enjoyed our stay and meeting your family and meeting the Navy family who stayed in the Farmhouse.

-Langley AFB, Virginia

June 20-21, 2018-Family road trip!

June 19, 2018-Family celebration and get together-very gracious hosts-fun place to visit.

June 18, 2018-It was so good to see all of you again. How we have missed you. Although it is so refreshing and peaceful to b here in this country thinking of similar times with family long ago, what makes us love to be here is the ties of family in the Lord with all of you.  Thank you for sharing your lives with us, for our prayers together. For showing us the ducks and bats, flowers, and strawberry plants. Thank you for letting us share memories of growing up with jump ropes and songs about silly things made up under the bed with shaved memories of haunted houses and church potluck diners. Please know that you all are part of our story where ever we go and we remember you before the Lord often.

-St. Louis, Missouri


June 7-June 11, 2018-Thank you for your wonderful accommodation of our Cousin Day. They came for lunch-who knew we would still be talking at 7 pm. The lunch was delicious. I can imagine the bean-corn dish being served at several cousin tables in the future. The beds were comfy-Marilyn especially appreciated all the pillows on her bed. We had a lovely relaxing weekend at the Farmhouse. Many thanks to Matthew for explaining to me that this water flows to us. He is well informed and well spoken.

-Ohio and West Virginia

May 20, 2018-The atmosphere was serene and peaceful-just what we needed! Our host was very thoughtful in making sure we were completely taken care of. It can be difficult to find places that serve VEGAN food and our host was very kind as to make vegan waffles for breakfast. There were fluffy and delicious. We will definitely be coming back soon.

May 6, 2018-Thank you so much for the good memories. The Grandchildren picked strawberries, fed the lamb "Thelma" and fed the chickens. We ate strawberries dipped in pudding cups on the back porch. We sat on the front porch and listened to the spring peepers and swung on the swing. We were so tired at the end of the day we were in bed by 9 pm. Then breakfast at 8 am was amazing!


May 4, 2018-Thank you so much for allowing us to come share a piece of your paradise. This was our first B and B stay and it exceeded our expectations. You are such a warm hearted, welcoming, and kind host. We enjoyed every second of our stay. 

-Charleston, West Virginia

April 26, 2018-Thanks for allowing our last-minute overnight stay! We LOVED the "Jenny Lind" house and the delicous breakfast. Hope to stay again sometime, since you are half way

between North Carolina and Michigan.



April 4, 2018-Thank you so much for your hospitality. Staying here was a nice get-away from our busy lives in Michigan. PS Thank you for letting me feed your baby lamb!



March 11, 2018-I had a great time-PS thank you for letting me use the net in the creek.


March 10-11, 2018-Hello Angela and John-All 5 of us really enjoying our stay. We all slept very well. The homemade healthy gluten free breakfast is amazing!  We did enjoy this country adventure with your boys.


March 6 and 7, 2018-Children laughing and chickens clucking-what a great hello to our 2 day stay with the best hosts you will every find-thank you. First day here March 6, we went for a beautiful walk in the back yard with waterfalls and bubbling brook. Thanks for the wonderful breakfast and good company with the couple in the cabin behind us.


February 23-25, 2018-Thank you for the hospitalty that we received during our stay. We all really enjoyed our weekend in West Virginia and the it was totally enhansed by the stay at this B n B. The breakfast totally lives up to the hype and was delicious. Thanks again for the great weekend.

-Cleveland, Ohio

February 16-17, 2018-Thank you very much for the warm bed and delicious breakfast! We visited as my husband wanted to take me out of town for my birthday and we greatly enjoyed our stay!

Best wishes to you and your family.

-Cincinnati, Ohio

February 10, 2018-Thank you so much for the amazing stay. For a full-time college student and a full-time hardworking man celebrating our 3 year anniversary somewhere other than home. Seemed impossible but your lovely Farmhouse allowed us the quiet and time we needed just us!! Breakfast was amazing and your place is beautiful! Can't wait to visit in the summer and pick berries.

-Huntington, WV

February 5, 2018-Farm is quaint and beautiful! Stayed one night on our way to Snowshoe-a family of 4 (1 and 4 year old) and 2 grandmas. Stayed nice and warm with a wonderful and delicious breakfast. Hospitality was perfect will defiantly be back when we pass through again. Thank you for a comfortable stay. Even woke to fluffy snow falling.

December 29, 2017-Thank you so much for providing such a cozy home for me and my family! This place has everything you need to enjoy a classic road-trip. Fantastic and delicious breakfast, warm, and soft beds and a clean bathroom. Thank you so much-all the best

December 28, 2017-written in characters.


December 25, 2017-What a quaint country hideaway! We loved everything about our stay except that it was only one night. Your place was perfect, cozy and warm and waking up to snow on your beautiful property was the perfect finale and then BREAKFAST! Thank you for allowing us to stay during your holiday. Enjoy your family-we will return!

Charleston, South Carolina

November 25, 2017-Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful place to us. This place is very special. Very peaceful and clean with long history. We could tell there used to be a lot of interesting stories happened here. The landlord is very warm hearted providing us warm and delicious breakfast. Unfortunately we did not visit here at the right time and we missed the good season to pick strawberry. Otherwise it would be one of the most special trip for us. Still thanks so much for the hospitality and concern.


October 28, 2017-From the moment we dove in the driveway and Angela hollered out the window "I'll be right over" we felt welcomed and at home. Thank you for sharing your farm with us. We had a great planning retreat for our Romanian trip in your cozy home. May God bless you as you continue to welcome strangers who become friends.

-Concord, North Carolina

October 27-29, 2017-We had such a fun and productive weekend here. Great place to pray and plan for our Elder Orphan Care trip to Romania! Your hospitality and friendliness made us feel right at home, and the yummy breakfast DID keep us full till supper as you had hoped. I'll be praying for you as you continue to welcome new friends to this unique setting. May God bless you ABUNDANTLY-and then some.

-Concord, North Carolina

October 27-29, 2017-What a cozy warm welcoming and friendly place to stay. It was perfect for planning and praying over our mission trip to Romania. Loved hearing about the farm, your family, and the animals. You both have the best spirits to be hosts to visitors. Thank you so much for your hospitality and the absolutely YUMMY breakfasts. Great to know that there is a wonderful place near Charleston area to stay. Thanks again.

-Indianapolis, Indiana

October 27, 2017-What a wonderful place to visit. Your breakfasts were great. You and John are wonderful hosts. This is a place I could come back for a long visit. God is going to do amazing things in your life. Keep the faith. Thanks again.

-Greenwood, Indiana

October 20-22, 2017-Thank you for such an amazing time here on the farm. We enjoyed staying in the barn. It was a nice getaway from our busy lives. Our favorite part was the "we bite" sign and watching the ducks and chickens line up to go into the barn at night. The last night of our stay we heard coyotes! I was intimidated by the outhouse but got over my fear. Breakfast was amazing, it was great to wake up on our last day. Thank you for the hot shower after returning home covered in mud from Bridge Day. We might have to make this a yearly tradition.

October 11-12, 2017-Thank you so much for letting us stay in your lovely barn on such short notice. Your property is so peaceful, we loved waking up to the ducks and chickens. This was a perfect start for our road trip to Maine.

-Knoxville, Tennessee

October 16, 2017-We made a last-minute decision to stay here rather than in Charleston and I'm so glad we did! Lovely accommodations, wonderful beds-haven't eaten yet, but I am sure it will be great! Thanks for taking car of us last minute. PS Breakfast was fantastic!

-DesMoines, Iowa

October 4, 2017-We had an overnight stay and didn't get to spend alot of time but we enjoyed it tremendously! Angela and John made us feel right@home. The area is beautiful, and reminded us of all our childhood summers spent in West Virginia. Breakfast was fantastic! Thanks again for being one of our WV memories.

-LaGrange, Ohio

September 19, 2017-Thank you all for a peaceful, delicious rest while we visited with friends and family. We'd love to return. Loved the Paw Paws!

-Phoenix, Arizon

August 5, 2017-Thank you so much for opening your home to us! We enjoyed getting to see the chickens and ducks! Your breakfast was just what we needed to start our trip home.

Amherst, Virginia

August 5, 2017-Thank you so much for your hospitality and opening your wonderful home. The fantastic breakfast and good fellowship. We had a great stay and the memories with stay with us forever. Thanks again. Its been a blessing.

-New York, New York

August 3-6, 2017-Thanks for your wonderful hospitality and being willing to provide for each of our needs. We had a bit of this salsa and loved it but didn't want to take your container from you. We will savor the salsa you gave us in the the mason jar. We wanted to thank you for your help with the kayaks and taking good care of our room. It was a blessing to stay with you. May God bring blessing to your family.

-Chicago, Illinois

July 28, 2017-We applaud your lifestyle. Thank you so much for sharing your farm with us. The Cellar House is great. We wish we had more time to stay longer. Maybe next time, you live in a beautiful valley. We enjoyed our evening walk up to the cemetery and back. If you get to Missouri look us up. Nice to meet Brooke too. May God richly bless you your family.

-Ozark Mountains, Missouri

July 23, 2017-We thoroughly enjoyed our stay! Simply calm and relaxing as we took a break from the wedding and visiting. Love the rustic camp out style of your barn-loft-could be a fun time on another trip. Delicious food and we got to take home some jam and homemade soaps, which will give us fond memories of our stay. Your entire family was extremely welcoming and friendly. Good luck as you continue to host more families. I will highly recommend to anyone!

July 20, 2017-Thank you for the wonderful breakfast and warm hospitality. we really enjoyed our stay.

-West Virginia

July 16, 2017-Thank you so very much for such an amazing place to stay on our journey from Florida back home to Ohio! It was peaceful and welcoming and our kids enjoyed making friends with your children. the bed was comfy and breakfast was superb!! Would definitely recommend to others. Thanks again.


July 8, 2017-Beautiful-A great place to stay on our road trip. Thank you so much. The food was amazing and so was the farmland! We hope to return and will definitely recommend.

July 2, 2017-What a lovely bed and breakfast-John, Angela, and the kids were amazing! Discovered a wonderful piece of West Virginia. Great hospitality-was like family. Awesome experience. Would come again and might become a farmer.

-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

June 25, 2017-We loved it! The scenery was beautiful and the vegetarian quiche was scrumptious.

June 17, 2017-Thank you for a lovely stay. Very comfortable and peaceful. The fireflies were magic! Great breakfast and lovely hosts. Thanks again.

-Dovne, Scotland

June 8-June 13, 2017-Thank you for a wonderful stay. We really enjoyed having the Farmhouse as our base for our Family reunion weekend-good to have our quiet, peaceful home base as a tranquil retreat after long days of visiting kin we had not see in more than 40 years. The bed was great and the breakfasts were delicious-especially the daily bowl of fresh strawberries.

-Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania

June 8, 2017-Beautiful farmhouse and grounds! You all are such wonderful hosts. I loved the way you have maintained the style of the farmhouse with its quaint antiques and decor. I'll keep this place on my radar and bring my husband with me next time. Thank you for your sweet hospitality. Breakfast was delicious!

-Austin, Texas

June 7, 2017-We really enjoyed the quaint accommodations and enjoyed listening to the frogs and watching the fireflies at night. The breakfasts were fabulous and appreciate catering to a gluten free diet. Than you for your hospitality.


May 28, 2017-Thank you for a wonderful stay. Even though it was only for a night-we felt at home and our children cried as we left. We definitely plan on coming back for a longer stay.

-Raleigh, North Carolina

May 27, 2017-Thanks for your hospitality-was nice to come back home. Growing up on Gabe creek brings back lots of memories. Wish you and your family lots of luck in your life.

-West Virginia

May 27, 2017-Amazing experience-the atmosphere is so peaceful-what a relaxing weekend. I got some great shots of our 2 year old picking strawberries. The breakfast was out of this world.

-West Virginia

May 25, 2017-Ron, Amie and I had a delightful stay. It was like coming home again-after many years away from this "my one time home". I am the grand-nice of Betty Good Pickering and spent many happy days and nights with her and her children. Mother, my sister and I lived in the old house for a time when my father was in the military. Things have changed a lot over the years but this is still a very special place.

-Martinsburg, West Virginia

May 7, 2017-John and Angela, What a pleasure it has been visiting with you all and helping with the strawberry picking. I love the quaint  little house we were staying in and the meals were wonderful. I  hope your strawberry production is an overwhelming success.

Columbus, Ohio

April 30, 2017-Thank you so much for your hospitality. We enjoyed our stay, the house and wonderful food. It was great fun watching the kids and sitting on the porch swing. We especially  liked being here for the new addition-the baby goat! This trip was a hard one for us since we were here with our mother with Alzheimer's but it turned out so much better than we expected. I believe it was because we were here! It was a wonderful time. May the sun always shine in the fields!

-San Diego, California and Virginia

April 23, 2017-Thank you so much for a wonderful experience at your bed and breakfast! We loved the cozy home and enjoyed eating those amazing breakfast meals at the table. The food was delicious. You are wonderful hosts. Thank you for all the help as well as the tour of the place. We will be recommending your place as much as possible. We will be praying that God blesses your adventure as strawberry farmers. PS as visual artists we just love the charm and style of your homestead. Kate and I can't wait to paint from the pictures that we took of the place.

-Lancaster, Pennsylvania

April 20, 2017-Enjoyed your house and "comfy" sheets and delicious quiche. God bless you during your first year of berry picking.

-Indianapolis, Indiana and Vandalia, Indiana

March 24, 2017-We really enjoyed your house-view and farm work! Really having fun. Breakfast was delicious. Thank you.


March 18, 2017-Thank you so much for the wonderful breakfast! We had a great nights rest.

February 19, 2017-Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend getaway! We enjoyed it very much. Loved the tour, breakfast, and the warm company. Good luck with all your new ventures.

December 29-31, 2016-Thank you so much for a memorable retreat in our journey. We fell so lucky that we found your place and met you. What a lovely family you have built together. We loved the accommodation, the house is cozy and unique with its history. Thank you for sharing your home and for the delicious meals. We hope to see you again someday!

November 24, 2016-Thank you for your hospitality. The farmhouse has been quiet, cozy, and warm. Your breakfasts are amazing! You have spoiled us this week. So glad we got the opportunity to stay with you. We will be back! So relaxing here. The beds and linens are so comfortable. Wishing you all the best with your strawberries and farm.

Wilmington, North Carolina



November 6, 2016-We loved your Inn! Thanks for the hospitality and delicious breakfast. You made a girls weekend great! Peace, love, and bullet proof marshmallows!

Chesapeake, Virginia

November 6, 2016-Thank you so much for such a wild wonderful mountain stay! It was so nice to have a home base for our girls trip. Thank you so much for the wonderful breakfast! We will be back for our next girls trip. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Cincinnati, Ohio

October 30, 2016-Thank you for the amazing time spent on your farm! What a beautiful corner of God's creation-loved the hike up in the hills! We enjoyed the opportunity to pitch in and join your family in "farm life". We'll be praying for a fantastic strawberry crop next year. Thanks for the fun of porch swings, playing in the creek, Sam organizing "Runners World", Rock'n Roll wheel barrow time, carving pumpkins, bonfires, and new drivers. You are a sweet lovable family and we will cherish our time spent at Country Road House! We will be back-Lord Willing!

St. Louis, Missouri

October 15, 2016-Thank you so much for our brief but pleasant stay! Breakfast was awesome and it was nice to spend quality time with each other away from all.

Houston, Texas and Glostanburg, Connecticut

October 8, 2016-Creative, rustic, comfy-your B and B in the woods of West Virginia is wonderful! We slept great-the rain lulled us to sleep. Delicious breakfast set in a dining room full of character. Good luck with your farming venture. So glad we got to step into your "world" and experience West Virginia this way.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

October 2, 2016-Thanks for the last minute stay! The accommodations were just right. Henlee had a great sleep too. Beautiful farm-good luck with the berries next summer, we'll be back for some! All the best.

Cleveland, Ohio

September 24, 2016-A perfect stop en route to North Carolina. A perfect sleep, morning cup of coffee, breakfast, scenery and of course perfect hosts! Thank you for a warm welcome to West Virginia.

-Toronto, ON, Canada

September 22, 2016-Your bed and breakfast is very nice. We have had a great time-your cooking is out of this world. Its not very often to find nice and caring people. We are lucky to know you guys. Thanks for your hospitality.

September 16, 2016-Angela and John, Your bed and breakfast is very beautiful and cozy. My dad and I really enjoy staying here. Even though I live in Cincinnati at heart I am a country girl. I love waking up to the view we had. I really enjoy your cooking-specially your cinnamon rolls-I could probably eat a pan of them. Thanks for letting us stay here. Your family is very kind.

-Cincinnati, Ohio

September 11, 2016-I loved my four nights in the farmhouse. It was a lovely quiet respite from all the family reunions and activities. I looked forward to seeing you at breakfast every morning and hearing about your family and life on the berry farm. Breakfast and all the amenities were appreciated. I look forward to staying with you again.

-Lenoir, North Carolina

September 7, 2016-We had a lovely evening. Slept great! Thanks for your graciousness and hospitality. See you soon!

-Clendenin, West Virginia

September 7, 2016-Thank you for opening up your beautiful space to us! We had such an amazing time and of course, Angela made the best breakfast for us. So peaceful and quiet here, thank you for sharing. All the best to you and your family.

-San Francisco, California

September 4, 2016-Dear Angela and John, Thanks for a wonderful stay! The food was terrific and company wonderful. Meg and I enjoyed working with the berries and with both of you yesterday. Blessings on your business and your family. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

-Dilbsburg, Pennsylvania

September 4, 2016-Thank you so much for hospitality and conversation. Your warmth and generosity lifted our spirits. It was truely a joy to spend time on your farm and listen to your children playing outside. Thank you also for two delicious hearty breakfast-Angela and John, you both have the gift hospitality. God's richest blessings on your family and your growing business.

-Woodland Park, Colorado

August 27-28, 2016-Thank you for your hospitality! We had a truly amazing stay at the Country Road House! You are so very welcoming and made sure we had everything we needed, the handmade soaps were great! The breakfast was very good-we all loved the spinach quiche, everything else was delicious too! We will for sure recommend you to friends who are coming this way! Thanks for an awesome stay!

-Dublin, Ohio and Chapel Hill, NC


August 27, 2016-I enjoyed the conversation last night. Your place is peaceful. Loved the sheets. I would have loved to stay for breakfast. Come to my place sometime.

-Elverson, Pennsylvania

August 25-27, 2016-We enjoyed getting away to your country hideaway. This was a perfect relaxing setting for our anniversary celebration. We are happy to have met you both and glad you have opened this B n B. Breakfast was amazing-great people. God bless you and I hope this becomes a profitable venture for you.

-Wadsworth, Ohio

August 22, 2016-Thank you for John and Angela for the delightful stay! This place is a hidden gem and we're so glad you posted it on Air BB so we go the chance to come here. The kids loved having their own room. We had a short stay but wished it was longer. Our faves-Breakfast, pillows, the area-on a morning walk I discovered a small church and a cemetery down the road plus lots of old buildings and gorgeous scenery. Our favorite part may have been the surprise of it all. We weren't sure what to expect it was a delight.

-Jordan, Minnesota

August 22, 2016-West Virginia is a beautiful state. Sarah is headed to Canada for school. Nice quite place to spend a night before separating mom and daughter. Wish we had time to kayak and bike ride. Maybe next trip! Thanks for everything.

-Caswell County, NC

August 14, 2016-We so enjoyed our stay in your beautiful farmhouse; and the breakfast this morning was a delectable treat! Thank you for hosting us during such a difficult time for the Clendenin community! Its clear to us how special the people and this place are--the berries will surely thrive here and we look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor in the not too distant future.

August 10, 2016-After a shattering morning in Memphis we arrived two states later in this cozy country cottage. Beleaguered and (for myself) homesick. Twelve hundred miles from home and the first night's rest I've had since then, I can admit this place to be a happy refuge. My compatriots are over the moon about the warm homemade breakfast. The place was what we needed.


August 8-9, 2016-Thanks for your hospitality! We enjoyed meeting some fellow St. Louisans this far away from home. Your family is very sweet and we really enjoyed our evening. A nice break to not have a TV so we HAVE to spend family time. See you again soon.

-St. Louis, Missouri

August 6, 2016-Thanks so much for the wonderful place to stay! We loved the breakfast, the quiche was just delicious! We love the feel of the old time farm. Our bed was so comfy; we slept so well. Thanks for everything.

August 3, 2016-Your place is wonderful, and our family very much enjoyed staying here and observing the scenery. The breakfast was delicious, the people were great, and the scenery was a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the city. We hope to come back someday!

-St. Paul, Minnesota

August 1-6, 2016-Thank you so much for all that you have done. You are a real blessing. You have given us a place to stay and food to eat. You prayed for us and supported us and we can not thank you enough. This mission trip is running so much more smooth because of you and your family. I'll never forget this week.

Argyle, New York

You are truly gifted in hospitality. Thank you so much for opening your home to us. The food was incredible and your family was so welcoming. I pray the Lord will continue to bless you and your family. Thanks for taking such good care of us.

Argyle, New York

August 1, 2016-Thank you! Best night of sleep I've had (and my husband) in our whole 5-day trip. Breakfast was delicious! Thanks for making a spur of the moment vegetarian dish (when no one told you there was a vegetarian in our party). I will keep this area in my prayers as you recover from the flood.

Lynchburg, Virginia

July 28, 2016-Thank you for a lovely stay. Beautiful house and yummy breakfast.

-the Netherlands

July 26, 2016-We came down to help flood victims for a couple of days. Nice stay in a quiet setting. Hospitality was wonderful. Awesome state-wonderful people.

-Wetzel County, West Virginia

July 23-24, 2016-Thank you so much for your kind hospitality and fantastic breakfast. Best luck with restoring the flood damage.

July 20-23, 2016-Our family had such a wonderful time here at Country Road House! We spent a majority of our time outside exploring the creek and hiking around it was a great way to connect with nature and our family in a whole new way. Angela and her family are so welcoming and made us feel right at home. She definitely has the gift of hospitality and you are in for a treat at breakfast time. We are already thinking about our next trip up here.

Mehlborne, Florida

July 17, 2016-Gracias! Thank you the environment is the best-we will come back.

Panama and Claymont, Delaware

July 8, 2016-What a perfect place for us to experience a little WV living while passing through the state. It was a quick stay but still offered everything... just what we needed for our little respite. Thank you for being so accommodating! Wonderful breakfast to fuel us up and send us on our way. Thank you so much.

-Fort Ann, New York and Massacusets

July 6, 2016-This was the first time in West Virginia and it is beautiful. We had a lovely time, the Cellar House was a great place to stay-breakfast was absolutely delicious and Angela and her family were so kind and hospitable. We are sorry to leave but we must continue our journey. -California.

July 3- July 9, 2016

A great atmosphere and great people. John and Angela-Thank you very much for your hospitality during a difficult time. Wit the flood and all you were dealing with. God bless your family.

Whitewright, Texas

July 1-3, 2016-We Came! We Saw! We conquered the great flood of 2016. Our brother's house was hit with tremendous run-off that carried a gravel road that rested around and in his house-might be a total loss? As we were digging out we experienced God's blessings-the people of West Virginia. Volunteers came to help and feed us. People so friendly and helpful. Our stay was equally hospitable by the good people here at Country Road House and Berries. Thanks J and A Born. What a wonderful place. Enjoyed our talks.


June 19-20, 2016-What a perfect time for our one night stay in West Virginia-wish we could have stayed longer! From meeting our most hilarious hosts-the triplets, to Angela's hospitality, it was really an unforgettable experience. A perfect choice of where to stay on our first night outside of NYC. Thank you for everything. Onward to Memphis.

-Brooklyn, NY

June 18, 2016-This place is beautiful. Nothing like home away from home. The people are so very polite. We will definitely be staying here again. The kids are very polite as well. Thank you for your warm hospitality. The breakfast was amazing.

June 12, 2016-Great B n B. Fun atmosphere and charming family.

June 4, 2016-We had an amazing time-thank you for the amazing breakfast!


May 27, 2016-Angela, John, and adorable family, Wow! Our stay went above and beyond expectations for our first-ever BB! Your kindness was so unexpectedly sweet and we so enjoyed not just the quaint and comfortable accommodations, but also the bonfire and lovely conversation had last night with you and your family. Thank you for making us feel so welcomed. Running races with Sam! Marshmallow roasting with Matthew and William! Outrageously scrumptious breakfast spread from Angela. Honestly, this was a treat and a 15 hours I will not soon forget. The purpose of this trip was to glean snapshots of different styles of life in America. Thanks to the open arms and kind hearts of your family, we've not gleamed a snapshot-but lived a different style of life for a short period of time.

-Geneva, Illinois and McLean, Virginia

April 18, 2016-John and Angela, Thank you so much for making our stay a memorable one. The breakfast were awesome, the accommodations were more than expected and the hosts couldn't have been more nicer. The bonfire that John make was an added treat on a chilly night. Thank you and wish you the best of luck with your B and B.

-Canada, EH

April 15, 2016-Had a wonderful stay at your B and B. Hope to make it back again. The breakfast was amazing. Thank you for your hospitality. Best of luck with your business. We will be back to pick strawberries.

Tunnelton, WV

March 24, 2016-5 night stay-Thank you all so much for an amazing stay. Being in such a welcoming environment made our vacation so very memorable and pleasant. This is a trip our children will remember forever. This beautiful home beats any hotel-hands down! Delicious breakfast time after time.


February 20 and 21, 2016-Thank you for sharing your little piece of heaven with us John and Angela. You both were so very nice and accommodating. This place is absolutely fabulous. The breakfast was AMAZING! Angela, your homemade apple sauce brought back memories of my childhood. We will definitely be coming back in the summer with our children. I can only imagine how beautiful it must be. Thank you for a much needed romantic getaway. Best of luck and God Bless you both and your family!

-Huntington, WV

January 15, 2016-We had a very nice respite from traveling the last 4 days. We wish you the very best in your adventure and journey of raising your family and working toward a home business. Thanks also for your hospitality and lovely breakfast. We know how hard you work. Hope to see you again.

-Brainard, Minnesota

January 3, 2016-To our new friends-John, Angela, and Family, We want to thank you so very much for choosing to open your home to us. This cottage has just become our favorite place to stay in the area! Thanks also for going above and beyond to help us and provide excellent service. The food was absolutely wonderful too! The kids loved the little tour and seeing the animals. We all look forward to coming again soon. Thanks again for being such great hosts and God bless you on your adventure!

-Marietta, Ohio

January 1, 2016-Angela and John, Thank you so much for helping us turn what would of been an unhappy New Year's Eve locked out of our house together in to a lovely unexpected treat! I am so glad we didn't have to wait until we were away from Clendenin to stay at your B and B-and now we know where to stay when we do. Your property is amazing. I am excited to see all the wonderful things you will do with it and wish you all the best, especially in this New Year! Thank you again. PS. You should list on the Eat Well Guide's website since you use local food.

-Clendenin, WV

December 28, 2015-Had a very comfortable night's rest and woke up to a great breakfast!!! All refreshed to continue onto Clarksville. Hopefully we will be able to stop by again. Thank you so much and hope you have much success in the future.

-Somers, Connecticut

November 28, 2015-Wonderful stay. Couldn't of asked for better hosts! Nice rooms-loved the heaters! Good breakfast, beautiful rooms, and pretty countryside surroundings. That was so nice to sit by a bonfire one night. Thank you for your friendliness and making us feel so much at home.

-Bloomington, IN


November 27-30, 2015-Thanks for being so friendly, welcoming, and hospitable. The breakfasts were SUPER yummy and nutritious. We planned this as a 1/2 way point for our daughter and her parents to spend time together. The hike you suggested on the abandoned rail road tracks was nice in Clendenin. We also enjoyed a day in Charleston-20 minutes away. The art and science museum was great-saw the Planetarium show, ate a wonderful meal at the Indian buffet near the Capital and toured the town. Definitely enjoyed our stay at your comfy B and B. Thanks so much

-Alexandria, VA

November 25, 2015-"Nice little cottage very cozy. Hope to see you guys again under different circumstances. Have a good Thanksgiving. God Bless!

-Martinsville, VA

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