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Fresh WV Strawberries-ripe sweet and fresh!  Get through the day with a little of WV's finest fruit. We will be picking May 8-20, 2023 and we will contact you when we have your basket ready for pick up. We are at the mercy of the Lord and the weather He sends us.  "First place Chandler 2022", "Best in Show" West Virginia Strawberry Festival 2021 and "Sweetest Strawberry Winner" West Virginia Strawbery Festival 2018, 2019. These strawberries have not been exposed to fumigants, pesticides, or round up. We take many laborious steps to have a crop of strawberries that we would be comfortable for our own children eating. This is a great opportunity to make fresh Strawberry Jam, Pie, and fill your freezer to enjoy in months to come.

2023-Pickers Choice Gallon Basket

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