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Our family has been making our holiday Turkey for years using this brine recipe.

Plan ahead! You will want to soak your turkey at least the night before cooking to get best results.

You will need a large clean bucket or cooler.

Take two tablespoons of the dry brine mix and set aside.

Take the remainder of the spice mixture and mix in 8 cups of warm water. Stir to dissolve.

Take the packaging off your turkey and if its still a little frozen that is ok. The brining process will give your turkey the chance to completely thaw out before cooking.

Put your turkey in the cooler or bucket breast side down and pour the liquid spice mixture over your turkey.

Cover and either set in a refrigerator for 12-48 hours or cover with ice and foil and set outside if temperatures are below 40 degrees. If setting outside check regularly to make sure there is ice on top to keep the turkey from getting warm during the brining process.


When its time to cook your turkey, follow the directions based on the weight.

325 degrees and 15 minutes for each pound of meat is the cooking rule our family follows.

Take your turkey out of the brine water and set the turkey on a turkey roasting rack or whatever cooking device you plan to use to cook your turkey. Discard the used brine mixture.

Put a little oil on your hands and spread the dry mix you set aside earlier over the skin of the turkey. Sometimes our family will cut up onions, celery and carrots to fill in the cavity while baking. Cover your turkey with foil and bake.

Test the turkey with a cooking thermometer to determine readiness -165 degrees at the thigh area and wing area by the breast (those are the thickest meat areas).

When your holiday feast is over-do not throw away your turkey carcass or scraps of uneaten turkey meat. You can freeze or use immediately to put in a pot of water, cook, over low heat for several hours to make a delicious Turkey Soup.

Be prepared-your friends and family will be amazed at how moist, tender and tasty your turkey is this year.

Take Care,

The Born Family

Clendenin, WV

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